Infographic: What it takes to be a successful community manager

Here’s a roundup of practical advice from people who have built thriving online tribes. Get ready to set some #squadgoals.

Anyone who has ever worked in a customer-facing role knows that dealing with the public isn’t easy.

We have all seen—or been—the unlucky store clerk or waiter at the receiving end of a disgruntled customer’s diatribe.

On the other hand, helping out a happy customer can almost make mistreatment from the angry ones worth it. (Almost.)

For community managers, this rollercoaster of emotions is all in a day’s work.

If you are—or hope to be—a community manager, check out this infographic from Vanilla Forums. It shares advice from people who are successfully managing online brand communities about the skills you need to cultivate a following and represent your brand well.

Some of the tips include:

  • Be flexible.
  • Make sure your co-workers know about your successes.
  • Have a good relationship with all of your organization’s departments.
  • Don’t stop experimenting.
  • Learn psychology.
  • Understand how your organization’s executives measure success.
  • Encourage community members to become friends in real life.

Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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