Infographic: What makes Pinterest so addictive?

It’s more than just pretty pictures. The site’s design and anonymity make it a refuge for many.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life, why the sky is blue, or why Pinterest is so addictive?

While it can’t describe the meaning of life, a Flowtown infographic can explain why people are obsessed with pinning. And they really are obsessed: Pinterest currently has 16.23 million users who spend an average of 98 minutes a month on the site. Facebook and Tumblr are the only other networks where people spend more time.

Here are a few reasons why so many people are addicted to Pinterest:

  • It has a simple design. Pinterest’s lets users scroll through endless rows of pictures without distraction.
  • It’s accessible. “Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you don’t have to access the website to post content,” the graphic says. The “pin it” browser plug-in lets users pin anything from any website without first going to
  • It’s a refuge. Pinterest doesn’t require status updates, relationship statuses, or check-ins. It is a refuge where people can browse and share things they like without worrying about revealing personal content.

Take a look at the graphic for more reasons why people can’t get enough of Pinterest: (View a larger image.)

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