Infographic: What’s your social media personality?

Are you a judgmental lurker, humble bragger, or Mr. Nice Guy? Find out here.

Would you be embarrassed if people knew how often you look at their online profiles?

Do you “vague-book” (post intentionally vague status updates so people will comment and ask for more information)?

Each of us has a distinct social media personality, and an infographic from can help you determine yours—if you’re brave enough. Just answer the questions in the flowchart (honestly), and see where your answers lead.

Here are a few of the possible personalities:

Joe Politics: You aggressively share your political opinions, and aren’t open to anyone else’s.

  • Fun fact: One out of 10 people have been de-friended because of their prolific political posts.

Humble Bragger: You shamelessly promote yourself, but throw in a little faux humility every now and then.

Lurker Judger: You rarely post anything on your social media profiles, but like to monitor and silently judge others’ online activity.

  • Fun fact: Twenty-four percent of young men admit to creeping on an ex’s social media profile once a month.

Mr. Nice Guy: You steer clear of social media faux pas. Good job!

If you’re ready to put yourself to the test, check out the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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