Infographic: Which type of Facebook user are you?

Are you a brand promoter, curator or over-sharer? Find out here.

Facebook represents different things to different people.

You may see Facebook as the perfect place to share your company’s news, but your best friend may see it as a chance to tell everyone about her harrowing experience at the dentist—while she’s still in the chair.

From brand promoters to over-sharers, this infographic from Optify lists nine types of Facebook users. Whether these types of users comment on your brand’s page or your personal one, you’ve probably come across all of them at some point. Maybe one of them even reminds you of yourself.

Take a look:

1. The over-sharer

This person posts updates from everywhere, whether it be a doctor appointment, the bar, work, vacation—the list goes on. Many people fall into this category: 4.8 million people have posted information about where they will be on a given day.

2. The stalker

On average, Facebook users sign into the social network 14 times a day. Stalkers sign in much more often.

3. The curator

Curators know how to make content go viral, and dream of breaking the world record for the most likes on a Facebook page. Farmers Insurance currently holds the record with 2,047,058 likes.

4. The brand promoter

This person only shares her company’s news. Let’s face it: This is probably you.

Check out the full graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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