Infographic: Why and how you should pose questions at work

Those who’re willing to ask are bound to bask in lasting workplace success. Humble yourself, raise your hand, and admit you don’t know everything.

At work, as in life, no one likes a know-it-all.

Unfortunately, hyper-competitive workplace environments make many of us shy to ask “why?”—lest the awful truth be revealed that (gasp!) we don’t know everything.

NetCredit’s infographic offers guidance for harnessing the power of asking smart questions, which is a “surefire way to get noticed as being proactive, inquisitive and determined.” Citing workplace research, NetCredit writes that people who ask questions:

Asking smart questions also shows humility, and it’s an easy way to demonstrate you care what your colleagues have to say. To start asking better questions, NetCredit advises:

Use open-ended questions. Instead of simply asking team members whether they liked your proposal to replace the nap pods with a bush baby brushing relaxation room, ask them what, specifically, they thought of your proposal.

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