Infographic: Why you need more sleep

Too busy to sleep because you’re watching lousy reality shows or checking email for the umpteenth time? It may be time for you to get some additional shut-eye.

A recent story on HR Communication talked about executives who wake up super early. It serves them well in their positions as they can reflect, write, exercise or plan the day. They say they get more accomplished this way.

However, sleep is vital to your health and many of us, including CEOs, aren’t getting enough. Lack of zzzz’s also makes us grumpy.

According to an infographic on compiled by Gus Lubin, being sleep-deprived can lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems.

Lubin explains in the infographic: “The problem is that people don’t know just how awesome sleep is, so they check Twitter and watch bad TV instead.” Statistics show those who lack sleep are at greater risk for cancer, obesity, heart disease and even death.

Check out the graphic and try to get a little more shut-eye. You’ll be glad you did. (View a larger image.)

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