Infographic: Why your boss is still skeptical of social media

Though frustrating for you, your boss’s misgivings about social media’s value isn’t without good reason, this infographic says.

Communicators often lament that their organizations’ leaders don’t understand social media’s value.

You’ve probably ranted, complained and called your boss crazy, but maybe you should cut him some slack.

An infographic by Outmarket lists some pros and cons of social media marketing, and it gives some credibility to leaders’ hesitations.

For example, although many marketing budgets will include more money for social media advertising and engagement this year, studies have found social media accounts for just 1.14 percent of all e-commerce.

Additionally, email converts more people into customers than social media does, and 85 percent of organizations still don’t connect their social media campaigns to business objectives.

If communicators want higher-ups to believe in social media’s potential, they might have to do a bit more work to prove its worth.

Take a look at the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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