Inside Dell Technologies’ pioneering social media monitoring operation

Email and phone calls still have their place, but the software giant uses digital platforms to reach customers where they are—and deliver lightning-fast support.

Inside Dell's social media success

It’s table stakes for modern companies to “join the conversation” online—but what if there are 35 million relevant conversations happening in 14 different languages?

That’s the daunting yearly challenge facing Dell Technologies’ social media support team, which won a 2019 PR Daily Digital Marketing and Social Media Award in the “Social Listening and Real-Time Response” category for its nimble digital efforts.

Social media listening is about more than preemptively sniffing out potential problems, says Nishant Mishra, director of social media programs at Dell Technologies. It’s about improving “customer sentiment,” he says, which directly affects a brand’s reputation—not to mention sales and revenue. Diligent social media listening also “drives content,” generating storytelling that’s keenly attuned to the audience’s preferences, problems, concerns and interests, he says.

Of course, people power fuels Dell Technologies’ social media prowess, but the tech titan makes good use of chatbots and AI to “automatically generate insights that are delivered to the appropriate departments for action.” This comprehensive approach helps the company “monitor 290,000 web sources and one-on-one engagements on 14 platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, Sina Weibo, YouTube, Baidu, Reddit and three Dell-owned communities,” according to Dell Technologies.

Speaking of platforms, Mishra foresees a steady rise in the popularity of social media messaging apps—such as WeChat, WhatsApp and Google Chat—as customers find these platforms “handy and easy to use.” Additionally, the chat platforms he mentions are “seamlessly integrated with organic searches, ratings and reviews, which gives a fair opportunity for users to express their sentiments.”

What about organizations that lack the resources of a global corporation like Dell Technologies, you might ask? Mishra says getting up to speed on AI takes practice, but harnessing social media listening technology can boost businesses of any size. “The power of AI can help small organizations start focusing on exact areas of interest … with the least number of resources,” he says.

According to Dell Technologies, all this international digital synchronicity has trimmed response times across the board. Customers typically hear back within 30 minutes, and issues are usually resolved within two days. Not bad for a business with such a massive global reach—and a volume of social media issues to match.

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