Instagram rolls out 60-second video option

All users—not just paying customers—will soon be able to post longer videos using the social media channel. What does this mean for brand managers? Free air time, for one thing.

Change seems to be the only constant in social media.

Just weeks after Instagram announced a major metamorphosis by moving to an algorithmic layout, the visual platform says it will offer users the chance to record 60-second videos—four times longer than it previously allowed.

In the past, Instagram permitted brands to pay for 60-second advertisements, but now the feature is available to average users for free.

Although it officially launched on Tuesday, Instagram’s brand managers said the feature will be available for everyone “in the coming months.”

The move comes at an interesting time for brands as the service essentially gives a minute of free air time (until, perhaps, enough users complain that brands are flooding their feeds with spam).

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According to an Instagram blog post, the time people spend watching video on the platform has increased by 40 percent in six months.

The update will also allow iOS users to create video from multiple clips on their phone. Through adding public view counts, Instagram has seen a push from advertisers making an increased number of videos. It also started collecting “top viewed” videos that focus on special occasions and events. It’s been promoting these at the top of its feed, similar to Snapchat.

Here’s how Instagram announced the changes, with the help of some “super users”:

How will your organization take advantage of Instagram’s 60-second video feature?

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