Is Facebook starting to fade?

The social media juggernaut is starting to look a little vulnerable.

Aaron Sorkin now has something he can write about for “The Social Network: Part Two,” if he’s feeling up to it.

Thanks to a significant drop in usage by Americans and Canadians, Facebook has begun to hit a bit of a rough patch.

While it’s true that the website is closing in on its 700 millionth member, it’s looking less and less likely that person will be from either the U.S. or Canada.

According to a blog post, nearly 6 million U.S. members and 1.5 million Canadian members have shut down their accounts, representing drops of 4 percent and 8 percent for each country, respectively.

It’s still way too early to tell how much staying power Facebook has, but after the demise of MySpace, Mark Zuckerberg has to be analyzing these numbers carefully.

You can read more of the author Kit Eaton’s thoughts, including user details concerning other countries, here.

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