Is your intranet living up to its potential?

Join us from your desk and turn an underachieving portal into an employee engagement star.

Ever feel like your intranet is the wallflower at your internal communications party?

You know it could be doing great things for employee engagement, yet it remains underused and underappreciated.

The following organizations felt the same way—so they pinpointed what needed to change and completely transformed their intranets:

1. Bayer took multiple, fragmented intranets and consolidated them into a unified employee portal.

2. Yahoo repurposed its intranet content for a modern audience and saw engagement skyrocket.

3. PVH Corporation focused on employee satisfaction to ensure its intranet was successful.

You can hear from the expert communicators behind these projects during the Intranet Virtual Summit on April 20. They’ll share all the tactics and tools you need to give your intranet the makeover it deserves.

You’ll be able to watch live from your desk—and receive an on-demand recording of the event.

Don’t let your intranet fall short another day—register now.

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