Is your newsroom a relic of the past?

Download our free white paper, and learn how to build a modern newsroom that journalists and customers will love.

Technology has made it easier and easier to build a great newsroom. So why do so many organizations still have a boring page crammed with links?

It’s time to let the past go. Upgrading your newsroom can mean the difference between hunting for media coverage and having reporters flock to you.

Has your organization taken advantage of these ideas?

  • Creating high-quality B-roll
  • Telling stories with infographics
  • Using tweetable quotes
  • Integrating your newsroom with social media

If you feel that you’re behind, don’t worry. Bring your newsroom into the 21st century with our free white paper, 11 Essentials for a Stellar Online Newsroom.

Discover which features journalists expect to see, as well as how big-name companies such as Coca-Cola and Nissan use their newsroom to strengthen their brand.

Let go of your outdated media page, and create a modern, innovative newsroom!

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