Keys to superior Facebook marketing

The hot meme? Not interested. Links to YouTube videos? Nope. Ignoring mobile? Definitely not. Take a look at these holistic techniques to move your brand to the upper echelon.

What sets top-notch Facebook marketers apart from the rest? Mostly it’s their holistic vision and appetite for information.

Here are five things Facebook marketing whizzes do that other page administrators don’t:

1. Upload videos natively

Stellar Facebook marketers know natively uploaded videos get more views than links to YouTube videos on Facebook—52 times more, according to a blog post from GetResponse.

To upload and share a video natively to Facebook, you will need your video’s raw file. Facebook accepts many different video file types (you can check out the list here), but .mov and .mp4 are the most commonly used.

Once you have your video’s raw file, drag and drop it into your page’s status update box or upload it as you would a regular photo/video.

This is what a natively uploaded video looks like:

This is what a YouTube video looks like:

Videos with clear calls to action often yield better results. To take your natively uploaded video up a notch, add a call-to-action button and fill out the optional video description fields.

2. Use Graph Search to learn more about their audiences

When Facebook rolled out Graph Search in September 2013, savvy marketers immediately started investigating uses for the new tool. They found they could use Graph Search to learn more about their Facebook fans and the types of people they wanted to target.

Since its release, Graph Search has been refined and updated to function as a semantic search engine, making it an even more valuable tool for Facebook marketers. Now search results are indexed by Facebook (rather than Bing) and include people (both friends and people in a person’s extended network, i.e., friends of friends, people with similar interests and people nearby), posts, hashtags and locations, according to a post by Lior Degani on Social Media Examiner.

Smart Facebook marketers use Graph Search to research their audiences, then use the insights they gain to more narrowly (and presumably more effectively) target their users via Facebook posts and/or ads.

Here are a few phrases you can enter into Graph Search to start quickly learning more about your audience:

  • Pages “liked” by people who “like” [insert the name of your page]
  • Pages “liked” by people who “like” [insert the name of one of your biggest competitors]
  • Groups joined by people who “like” [insert the name of your page]
  • Pages “liked” by people who are older than [insert age] and “like” [insert the name of your page]

There are so many Graph Search searches you can try. Check out this post by Facebook guru Jon Loomer. He tests nearly 15 unique searches and shares his results.

3. Don’t chase the algorithm

Historically, when news breaks that a specific practice is working well on Facebook, you’ll immediately notice a stampede of marketers doing the same thing—it’s usually a trick that claims to help you boost your posts’ reach and/or increase engagement.

While everyone else is busy changing posting strategies to start doing “what’s working right now,” seasoned Facebook marketers are letting the bandwagon go its merry way.

What’s most important to elite Facebook marketers is consistency regarding the tone, brand image and type of content they share on their pages. If memes are the new “it” thing to post on Facebook to drive “likes,” you’re not going to see marketers at a company like GoPro start posting lots of memes on the company page. Why? Because they’re going to stick to sharing the content that best represents their brand.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test. Testing is always smart, as long as it doesn’t compromise or confuse your brand’s current strategy.

4. Think mobile first

The number of people logging onto Facebook via their mobile devices continues to rise. Of Facebook’s 1.3 billion users, a whopping 30 percent of them use the social network only through their phones, according to The Verge.

As social mobile use increases, so does the number of Facebook marketers who are implementing and testing mobile strategies. These marketers have mobile on the brain. Before they share content, they consider the experience of the users who will consume their content on a mobile device. When they invest in Facebook ads, they invest a portion of their budget into mobile ad purchases and tools such as ShortStack that enable them to create mobile-optimized landing pages.

Mass mobile consumption is the future, and top-flight Facebook marketers are the folks who know this best.

5. Don’t rely solely on Facebook to promote their businesses

This is perhaps the most important point of all. Proficient Facebook marketers-who are probably skilled at marketing via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, email, etc., as well-know they can’t rely solely on Facebook to promote their business.

So when Facebook’s algorithm changes in a way that does not favor content from brands, clever Facebook marketers don’t panic.

Why? They don’t have all their eggs in one basket and know they can lean on the other social platforms and marketing channels they’ve developed.

What are your best Facebook marketing tips?

A version of this article originally appeared on Socially Stacked.

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