Maintain your efficiency as a remote worker

To stay on task no matter where you are, establish a system, keep a routine, take regular breaks and assemble a travel kit.

Working remotely requires strategic adjustments to your mindset, preparation, discipline, flexibility and work habits.

That’s not easy, especially if you’ve spent your career in an office. Whether you work for yourself or as part of a virtual team, working remotely presents unique challenges.

There’s the issue of finding a designated workspace—whether it’s a home office or a shared working space. You’ll have distractions and disruptions. Perhaps you need to make an impromptu trip, or a family member pops in unannounced, and suddenly your carefully planned day is upside down.

Let’s look at how you can remain efficient even outside your comfort zone:

Systems are key.

Having a system in place makes all the difference between being efficient and productive or overwhelmed and stressed out.

Create a system that suits you and keeps you accountable—regardless of where you’re working.

Whether it’s the Pomodoro technique or some other task-based method, adopting a consistent approach to work is essential.

Enjoy your routine.

Working remotely should be fun—or at least not stressful.

Establishing a routine trains your brain to get into work mode. Even if you’re on the road or in a new place, try to keep a semblance of your regular routine.

Take breaks.

Who needs burnout?

Taking breaks helps you blow off steam, recover and revive. Giving your brain a rest boosts creativity and helps you stay on schedule, too.

Bake breaks into the structure of your day. Strategic downtime is an essential component of productivity.

Assemble an “on the road” work kit.

When you go on a trip, you leave behind all the comforts and accouterments of your home office.

To stay efficient outside your element, create an “on the road” work kit that has everything you need to get your job done. This kit will differ depending on your line of work, but make sure you have a travel-friendly version of all the tools of your trade.

Instead of grabbing things from your office, get extras and pack them up before you need them. That way you’ll have the kit ready when you leave. Besides, it’s always good to have a backup.

If you haven’t before, make a list of all the items you use during your workday. Having a list handy will prevent last-minute scrambling to make sure you have all your work gear ready before a trip.

Take time for appreciation.

Working remotely is a gift. Take time to savor the freedom and flexibility.

Work is important, but just as important is setting aside time to explore your surroundings, discover new places and meet new people. Disconnecting from work enhances your creativity and gives you more energy.

When you take time to enjoy where you are and treasure all the positive things in your life, you can’t help but be more efficient and productive—no matter where you’re working.

A version of this post first appeared on Nuts PR.

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