Maintain your efficiency as a remote worker

To stay on task no matter where you are, establish a system, keep a routine, take regular breaks and assemble a travel kit.

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That’s not easy, especially if you’ve spent your career in an office. Whether you work for yourself or as part of a virtual team, working remotely presents unique challenges.

There’s the issue of finding a designated workspace—whether it’s a home office or a shared working space. You’ll have distractions and disruptions. Perhaps you need to make an impromptu trip, or a family member pops in unannounced, and suddenly your carefully planned day is upside down.

Let’s look at how you can remain efficient even outside your comfort zone:

Systems are key.

Having a system in place makes all the difference between being efficient and productive or overwhelmed and stressed out.

Create a system that suits you and keeps you accountable—regardless of where you’re working.

Whether it’s the Pomodoro technique or some other task-based method, adopting a consistent approach to work is essential.

Enjoy your routine.

Working remotely should be fun—or at least not stressful.

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