Make sure your content tells a strong story

Learn how at Ragan’s Writing & Content Creation Conference in NYC.

Every piece of content you create should tell a compelling story.

How can you make sure you’re doing that—and getting through to your audiences?

Join us at the Writing & Content Creation Conference, Dec. 10–11 in New York City, to learn the newest writing, video and visual storytelling best practices for grabbing your audience’s attention and refusing to let go.

Register here.

Register here for the live webcast.

You’ll learn:

  • How to tell stories that capture audiences’ imagination—and illuminate your value proposition
  • Practical tools and takeaways for creating infographics in-house
  • Ways to harness user-generated content to connect with and reward your biggest fans
  • Essentials of must-read stories—and how to master them
  • How to leave vanity metrics behind on social media and score true engagement
  • And more

Featured speakers include Colleen Newvine, product manager for The AP Stylebook; Brittany Brown, digital engagement strategist at NASA; Jon Frederick, director of social media for Nickelodeon; and many, many more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to up your game and join the ranks of top content creators.

Register for the live event.

Register for the live webcast.

See you there.

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