Monica Aguilar sets the pace for employee well-being and engagement

The HR leader at Porter Novelli Mexico is getting it done on multiple fronts, and earns recognition as an HR Leader of the Year.

When it comes to the kind of commitment and focus that the best HR leaders possess, Porter Novelli Mexico’s Monica Aguilar represents a gold standard.

During her years with the Mexico City-based agency, Aguilar has consistently helped employees realize their full potential. But in the past 15 months, she has stepped up an already powerhouse performance, managing no fewer than 15 wellness programs, all with a team of just a single person in addition to her. This all earns Aguilar recognition in the Workplace Wellness Awards. Among the wellness programs:

  • Remote work. Pre-pandemic, the agency implemented a work-from-home policy for every employee, including a flexible schedule. When the pandemic hit, the transition was painless.
  • Fitness stipend. The agency offers employees a fitness stipend to cover any type of fitness expense. 2020 saw a boost to the use of this benefit.
  • Yoga classes and meditation sessions. After the pandemic hit, the agency continued yoga classes via Zoom. Monthly meditation sessions also continued.
  • A working-parents support group. Parents come together and share challenges, best practices and solutions.
  • Biweekly walks. A 20-minute post-lunch walk was added to everyone´s calendar. It helped from an exercise perspective, but also served as a team builder.

That’s just the start. Aguilar initiated many other programs, including partnerships for discounts with health clubs, gyms, sports-apparel stores and clinics; reading incentives; healthy snacks; pet-friendly spaces; resilience training; inspirational conferences; DE&I; and COVID support.

There’s no doubt this activity has had a positive effect. Employee-engagement scores from Mexico are the highest among all the global offices. The retention rate in Aguilar’s office is higher than other agencies in the country. “Monica not only drives these programs, she is always participating and a very active part of every initiative,” according to the agency.


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