‘Most amazing press release’ sparks amazing buzz for PR pro

Journalists and bloggers celebrated a satirical press release that purported to be “the most amazing press release ever written.” Many PR pros thought it was hackneyed. What do you think?

David Pogue enjoyed this press release.

Pogue is the personal technology columnist at The New York Times, and he shared it with his more than 1 million Twitter followers.

“HILARIOUS,” he tweeted. “The most amazing press release ever written.”

Why was it so amazing? The press release said so. It was titled, “The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written,” and in roughly 400 words independent PR professional Mitch Delaplane explained that what you were reading was the pinnacle of PR success.

In many respects, it was amazing. Popular blogs and media outlets—including TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, and CNBC—covered the press release. Actress Alyssa Milano shared it with her 1.2 million Twitter followers. By Thursday afternoon, countless more people had tweeted about it. It’s even inspired at least one spinoff.

What does Delaplane, a former employee of Edelman and Ketchum, think about all the buzz?

“I can’t believe the whirlwind,” Delaplane told Ragan.com. “I thought maybe it would generate one or two potential clients and get some laughs. I had no idea it would make such a splash.”

Delaplane said he’s received “tons of e-mails” from like-minded PR professionals saying they enjoyed his parody as well as leads from startup companies looking for public relations help.

What did Delaplane’s fellow PR professionals think?

Many weighed in on the Ragan blog PR Junkie, and the reaction was mixed. Some celebrated the press release, calling it “clever,” “brilliant,” “hilarious,” “very funny … and very smart.”

Others weren’t amused. “I want the last two minutes of my life back,” one commenter wrote. Other comments called it “idiotic,” “sophomoric,” and “a waste of time.”

A commenter going by the name of “Wordy” said, “No self-respecting reporter, editor, or publisher would look at it for more than the time it takes to smile, shake the head and toss.”

Oh, really. Wonder what Mr. Pogue has to say about that.

Delaplane shrugged off the criticism. “We really shouldn’t take our profession so seriously,” he said. “Or at the very least save some room for a little bit of humor.”

What do you think of the “most amazing press release ever written?” Is it worth the hype?

The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written

PR Professional Distributes Groundbreaking Press Release

CHICAGO, Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Mitch Delaplane of PitchPoint Public Relations has issued the most amazing press release ever written. While hundreds of press releases are distributed daily, Delaplane feels this particular release will go down in history as the most amazing press release that has ever been written.

“I’ve been in the business for over ten years and have to say, I’m speechless,” claims Delaplane. “The title alone grabs you and demands that it be read. Then there’s this quote that completely takes things to an entirely new level. I’m proud of this press release. In fact, I think it is [really] amazing.”

Typically reserved for company news announcements and other public relations communications, the press release has long been the favored default for informing media about exciting, groundbreaking news. Then this news release comes along and changes everything people thought they knew about press releases.

“I’m quoting myself again because the first quote didn’t do it justice,” says Delaplane. “If you’re still reading this news release, then you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s something special. In fact, it’s 483 words of pure awesomeness. When it crosses the wires, I believe history will have been made.”

The science behind this Earth-shattering news release lies in its simplicity – no science, just pure old press release craftsmanship. It started with an incredible brainstorming session that asked a very simple question: “what makes a press release amazing?” Elaborate notes from that brainstorm were then formulated into mesmerizing sentences, paragraphs and pages…all expertly designed to make you pause and reflect at the brilliance of this press release.

Every single word of this news release was track changed, stetted, then track changed again to its original draft. Upon final approval, it was spell checked, fact checked and printed for posterity. The result is a two-page, 1.5-spaced news release that is like no other news release in existence.

According to PitchPoint Public Relations you have just read the most amazing press release ever written. If you agree, tell Mitch at mitch@pitchpointpr.com or follow him on Twitter at Lifeisamitch.

If you disagree, issue your own press release and prepare for war.

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