Multitaskers are 40 percent less productive than non-multitaskers

We hate to break it to you, but seemingly innocent things like drafting emails during meetings or glancing at your phone while working can significantly impair your productivity.

Do you ever take short breaks at work to look at your phone? Do you draft emails or articles while in meetings?

If so, you may want to add “stop multitasking” to your list of resolutions this year.

An infographic from FuzeBox explains how—despite what many people may think—multitasking actually decreases productivity.

According to the graphic, multitaskers experience a 40 percent drop in productivity. Plus, it takes them 50 percent longer to accomplish a task. They also make up to 50 percent more mistakes.

We especially hate to break this one to you: Heavy multitasking can even temporarily lower your IQ up to 15 points.

Multitasking doesn’t sound so good any more, does it?

Take a look at the graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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