New survey reveals state of internal comms

A free report delves into industry trends, goals and concerns. Mobile and email overload are on communication pros’ minds. What percentage is doing something about it?

The State of Internal Comms

Internal communication—like any profession—can become insular over time, with practitioners judging the entire industry solely by what they see in their own place of employment.

How, then, to break out and gain a wider perspective?

A new, free guide from Ragan Communications and RMG, “The State of Internal Communication,” offers insights from a survey of hundreds of your colleagues.

The report delves into preferred channels, the use of apps, satisfaction levels, budgets and other matters central to your daily life as a communicator.

Though a robust plurality of respondents (46 percent) rate themselves satisfied or extremely satisfied with the state of internal communication in their organization, a sizable faction (34 percent) are dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied.

Challenges range from lack of executive support to geographically widespread workforces.

“I’m trying to reinforce this sense of belonging and internal branding with employees that are very much focused on their local community and their local office,” says survey respondent Lara Kohl Burhenn, a communicator for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

Juxtaposed with a survey from 2016, this report offers perspective on trends in internal communication. Among the questions it answers:

  • If you’re feeling overloaded by email, are you alone?
  • Do all internal communicators rely heavily on email—or has much of the professional world moved beyond that channel?
  • What are the top three challenges facing internal communicators in 2018 and beyond?
  • How much have the top three goals for internal communicators changed from two years ago—and what are they?
  • How do mobile and measurement of performance stack up against other future goals?
  • What percentage of respondents are using mobile applications or text/SMS messaging to communicate?
  • If email remains a frequently used internal channel, what comes next? Find out about communicators’ future goals.
  • Is everybody else personalizing content while you bang your head against the wall trying to do so in your organization? Or is this something others haven’t mastered yet?
  • How widespread are concerns about IT support for internal communications?
  • What percentage of organizations have annual budgets under $100,000—and how many get by on less than $10,000?

Download your free copy of “The State of Internal Communication” today.


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    Jill Stratton says:

    Am very interested in your findings. I have completed the form to download the entire report, however I keep getting an error. Is there another way to get the info? Thank you! Daily Headlines

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