On-demand communications training for your team

With hundreds of hours of communications case studies, courses, how-tos and advice, Ragan’s on-demand training tool will keep your team on the cutting edge of the industry.

Are you tired of wasting time hunting down how-tos, case studies and practical advice to help you do your job?

Enter Ragan Training, the world’s most comprehensive, on-demand training library for communications professionals. It’s home to hundreds of high-definition videos on topics crucial to communicators, like internal communications, public relations, marketing, writing and editing.

Become a corporate communications expert through exclusive courses like this one, which isn’t available anywhere else: “Employee Communications in the Social Media Age: How to Keep Ahead of the Game in the Next Five Years.”

This eight-part series, hosted by Shel Holtz, is perfect for helping entry-level communicators understand industry fundamentals or veterans breathe new life into their work.

The series’ courses include:

  • The Fundamentals of Employee Communications
  • Channels of Effective Internal Communication: The Non-Digital Channels
  • Digital Channels (Email, Intranets, Mobile and More)
  • Social Intranets
  • Leader Communications
  • Communicating Change
  • Special Communication Considerations
  • Measuring Internal Communications

Find out more about the series.

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