On social media, brands get a slice of Pi Day

Puns trended on Twitter as numerous brand managers took part in today’s sweetly mathematical celebration. Here’s how online marketers incorporated 3.14 into their efforts.

From special pricing to pie-themed giveaways, brand managers savored Pi Day on social media.

Each year, math lovers (especially those with a sweet tooth) who take part in celebrating March 14 are on the receiving end of an array of marketing strategies. Here’s how Time.com described ways consumers celebrated the calculated festivities:

In honor of this math holiday, expect to see a lot of offers for $3.14 slices of pie and pizzas . The admissions office at MIT is famous for handing out decisions on that day, while the Exploratorium in San Francisco has always thrown a party. And because 3.14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, a celebration takes place in Princeton, N.J., in honor of both Pi Day and the mathematical genius, who lived in the area.

Using #PiDay, here’s a sampling of what numerous social media marketers cooked up online:

Logos and images

Disney paired a pun with a familiar image to garner attention:

In the kitchen

To drive website traffic, several organizations offered pie recipes:

Playing by numbers

Sports social media teams showcased players’ jerseys:

Sporting goods retailers equated 3.14 to distance:

In addition to distance, 3.14 was also compared to karat weight:

Sell ’em if you got ’em

Certain social media marketers took the opportunity to market pie-themed goods:

Math matters

Other brand managers emphasized the importance of math and created versions of every fourth-grader’s favorite tool, pie graphs:

Certain marketing managers offered prizes—including a year’s supply of pizza—for correct answers to math problems:

Ragan readers, how do you think Pi Day participants fared in this year’s marketing efforts

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