Online marketers mostly quiet on social media for MLK Day

Though several organizations’ branding teams shared tributes to the late civil rights leader, most opted to remain respectfully silent.

Brand managers have gotten the message that they shouldn’t feel compelled to weigh in on solemn observances such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Though a handful of social media teams still shared MLK-related posts yesterday, it’s small compared with the last few years’ worth of blog posts highlighting brand tweets from the holiday.

Rather than asking, “How can we tie in our brand message to MLK?” online marketers have come to realize it’s better to keep mum.

Those who decide to join the conversation risk the backlash the Seattle Seahawks faced in 2015 for that franchise’sMLK tweet or something along these lines (via Arby’s in 2014):

Here are a few brands whose online teams who didn’t take the day off from holiday newsjacking, but instead weighed in with tributes to the late civil rights leader:

What do you think of the posts, Ragan readers? Were there any tributes you saw yesterday that were fantastic—or should have remained offline?

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