Only 16 percent of MBA programs offer PR courses

In light of CEOs continuing to mishandle crises, it’s time for business schools to teach reputation management

You don’t want to be the next Tony Hayward, going on TV and clamoring for some sympathy while your rig is spilling millions of gallons of oil into the ocean.

For some reason, that just doesn’t go over too well.

Mastering the ability to communicate calmly under pressure when faced with a PR crisis is critical, but it may surprise you to learn that very few business programs do so, according to a article.

This lack of preparation is reflected in gaffes made by companies such as BP and Enron.

For company leaders, knowing what to do in order to run a business is not the same as knowing what to say. This is where many MBA programs could help.

The key, writes Anthony D’Angelo, is reputation. A good reputation can pay great dividends, while a poor reputation can leave businesses floundering to recover their losses.

Just ask BP.

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