Only an AP style superstar would know these rules

Join Grammar Girl for this in-depth webinar and upgrade your knowledge of tricky new rules.

As a writer, you’re held to higher standards than everyone else when it comes to grammar and AP style use.

You’re expected to be the expert on the guide’s many rules and the exceptions to them—and keep up with yearly changes and updates.

Think you’ve mastered the new AP Stylebook front to back? See if you’re familiar with these rules:

1. How to handle an emoji in a quotation

2. When to use the term “racist” versus “racially-charged”

3. Which common phrases need a hyphen in between words

Whether these are no-brainers for you or you’re a little stumped, join Mignon Fogarty for The 2019 Advanced AP Style Grammar Girl Webinar on Aug. 20. She’ll help you dig deep into the latest updates and give you tips to remember tricky rules.

You’ll have the chance to ask Grammar Girl your questions directly, and you’ll receive an on-demand recording of the event to refresh your knowledge after the fact.

Don’t let your status as a star writer slip—register today.

Register here.

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