Pepsi ad font sends a regrettable message

Even Comic Sans would have be a better choice than a typeface that recently bewildered consumers in Hong Kong.

Print advertising is a tough nut to crack. There are so many things you have to be cognizant of—the message, the imagery, and even the typeface.

Pepsi is quickly learning this lesson after partnering with Japanese clothier A Bathing Ape.

Nothing suspicious there; collaborations happen all the time.

But to promote the brand’s AAPE line, Pepsi chose a font that might skew the meaning a bit for the casual passerby.

As Reddit was quick to point out, the font appears to read “Pepsi x Rape.”

A Pepsi spokesperson confirmed in an email to The Huffington Post that the advertisement ran in Hong Kong, asserting that the company regrets “any misunderstanding caused by the font used.” After apologizing “to anyone who was offended,” the statement vowed that Pepsi “will not use this design in the future.”

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