PepsiCo removes controversial ingredient in Gatorade following online petition

Although the company denies its actions were influenced by an online petition that received more than 200,000 signatures, the 15-year-old who started the petition, has claimed victory.

Although PepsiCo claims to have had the change “in the works for some time,” the announcement came only after a petition on, started by 15-year-old Sarah Kavanagh, gathered more than 200,000 signatures and drew national attention, even landing her on “The Dr. Oz Show,” as well as earning her a tour of The New York Times’ offices.

How can you stay in the good graces of a public that demands change?


There is no excuse for being blindsided by a welling of public sentiment. It’s all but guaranteed that any idea that’s really picking up steam will be discussed on social media, so set up keyword alerts for terms relating to your brand or mentions. Don’t let them pile up for a week before taking a look either, any delay in recognition could be costly.

It also pays to remember that no automated service can compete with the abilities of a living, thinking human being. If at all possible, make at least one person responsible for regularly sifting through the popular social media sites and passing on relevant information to the rest of the team.

Be gracious in defeat

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