Photos garner 50 percent more impressions on Facebook pages

What about questions or quotes in posts? Find out how they impact traffic.

Untitled Document evaluated 10,000 Facebook and Twitter posts by 8,000 small businesses across 50 industries and found the following content drives engagement the most:

  1. Photo posts. They received 50 percent more impressions than any other type of content.
  2. Quotes. These provided 22 percent more interactions compared with other types of posts.
  3. Questions. They generated nearly twice as many comments as any other post type.

The report also showed that links were 87 percent more likely to be shared than any other type of post.

What about Twitter? What are the top tactics for driving retweets?

As Twitter is much more text based and driven by the pithy sound bite, the following discovery was unexpected:

  • Quotes drive 54 percent more retweets than any other type of tweet
  • Status updates are the second highest driver of engagement

I certainly have noticed that there are Twitter handles with many followers that primarily tweet quotes. How to apply quote updates that are relevant to a business setting may require some creativity!

The essence of this study is to not forget the importance of photos in your marketing tactics on Facebook to drive deeper engagement with your customers and prospects.

Jeff Bullas is a digital media coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. He blogs at, where a version of this article originally ran.

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