Posting a lot? You’re annoying your social media followers

Other ways brand managers vex their online acolytes include lacking personality, being ‘funny’ (when they’re really not) and failing to respond to consumers’ messages, a survey has found.

Consumers say posting too often is the most annoying thing that brands do on social media, according to recent research from Sprout Social.

Survey respondents say the most annoying actions that companies take on social media are sharing too many posts/promotions (57.5 percent cite), using slang/jargon (38.4 percent), not having any personality (34.7 percent), trying to be funny when they’re not (32.3 percent), and not replying to messages (24.7 percent).

Consumers say the top reasons they follow brands on social media are that they’re interested in the products/services (73.4 percent cite), they’re interested in offers/promotions (58.8 percent) and they find the companies entertaining (51.3 percent).

Respondents say the top reasons they unfollow brands on social media are that the companies post too many posts/promotions (73.4 percent cite) and the content shared is not relevant (41.1 percent).

The report was based on data from a July survey of 1,022 social media users in the United States.

A version of this article originally appeared on MarketingProfs.

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