PR pros read journalists’ ‘mean tweets’

This PR firm took inspiration from Jimmy Kimmel, and showcased several pitches that drive reporters nuts.

The symbiotic relationship between journalists and PR pros has been one of the industry’s oldest discussions.

Both parties need something from the other, and both have their (justified and unjustified) gripes with the other.

Because of the nature of the relationship, you seldom hear PR pros griping publicly about journalists. But journalists are happy to call out PR pros whenever they overstep, send a rotten pitch or catch them in a bad moment.

Sometimes those gripes happen on Twitter. Borrowing from Jimmy Kimmel’s wildly popular “Mean Tweets” segment, a group of PR pros from The Hodges Partnership got together to read some mean tweets from journalists who received (or who wanted to avoid receiving) bad PR pitches.

Here’s the result:

If there’s a takeaway to be found here, it’s that PR pros should steer very clear of “spray and pray” tactics.

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