PR rep to reporter: ‘No no no no’

A St. Louis TV reporter approached the local comptroller for an interview about spending. Then her spokeswoman stepped in.

You can bet that this tactic is probably not part of any public relations textbook.

St. Louis reporter Elliot Davis tried to score an interview with the city’s comptroller, Darlene Green. The request was denied via email, so Davis went to City Hall to speak with her about the city-owned car she drives, which costs taxpayers $26,000.

That’s when Green’s spokeswoman, Melanie Streeper steps in. Watch what happens:

Davis explains on the Fox 2 Now site, “When Streeper saw that I had caught up with Green anyway she sprung into action. To her credit, Green tried to answer questions but even she had trouble talking over her own spokesperson.”

I have one word for Streeper’s approach to media relations: No.

What do you think, readers?

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