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Burn After Reading

Pre-conference workshops: Oct. 2

Justin Allen
Head of video production, affiliate consultant
Ragan Consulting Group

Oct. 3, 7:45 a.m.: Bonus Breakfast Presentation

Main Conference: Track 1: Employee Communications Best Practices

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019

Embrace your inner nerd: Using data as your communications superpower
Kristin Graham
Principal of culture and communications
Amazon Web Services

Use video to connect employees with your organization’s leaders
Chip Midnight
Business consulting specialist
Nationwide Insurance

Capturing hearts and minds at work: Employee experience and the digital workplace
Bill Kirst
Senior principal of operations excellence
West Monroe Partners

Elisha McCallum
Director of global communications
Finning International

The future of work: Evaluating your strategies to meet today’s rising employee demands
Tina McCorkindale, president and CEO of the Institute for Public Relations

Harness technology to cultivate outstanding executive communications
Christina Torok
Senior product marketing manager

John Cirone
Director of leader and employee communications

(Panel - no slides)
Working together to overcome internal communications challenges

Creating a culture of storytelling and innovation
Steve Clayton
Chief storyteller

Friday, Oct. 4, 2019

OPENING KEYNOTE Why communicators must lead the charge for diversity and inclusion
Janet Stovall
Manager of executive communications

Reimagining internal communications with innovation and technology
Allison Owens
Associate manager of internal communications
Taco Bell

Natasha Gaffoglio
Senior manager of internal communications
Taco Bell

(No Slides available)
Takeaways from the World Cup:
How Nike activates employee engagement
Kathy Barid

Elevating the role of social media to drive emotional brand attachment
Eric Gray
Senior director of content engagement
Universal Orlando Resort

Main Conference: Track 2: PR and Marketing Best Practices

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019

Implement PR and marketing strategies that work—even if you’re starting from scratch
Chastell Ely
Director of marketing and strategic communications
Vancouver Clinic

Madison Kozacek-Hantho
Social media marketing manager
Vancouver Clinic

(Panel - No Slides)
Fundamentals of outstanding branding and earned media buzz

How savvy and data-based strategic communications can earn you a seat at the table
Therese Van Ryne
Global Director – PR, Thought Leadership & Advocacy
Zebra Technologies

Now showing: Responding to backlash, no matter the situation
Ryan Noonan
Director of corporate communications
AMC Theaters

Drive business priorities by putting your media relations strategy to work
Johnny Smith Jr.
National senior director of marketing and communications

Friday, Oct. 4, 2019

Humanizing marketing through creativity
Adu Adu (No slides available)
Social media marketing manager

Creating a unified crisis communications plan across your organization
Jenna Reck
Director of communications

Main Conference: Track 3: Social Media Best Practices

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019

Harness LinkedIn to build your brand, network and bottom line

Lauren Thomas

For your eyes only: Secrets of social media success
(No slides available)
Carolyn Reams

Boost social media content and engagement through influencers—no matter your industry or audience

Ellen Gerstein
Director of digital content, Pfizer

Digital content strategies to succeed in a fast-paced social news cycle

Sarah Holm

Short-form digital content and “bite-size”
online strategies to fuel your fan base
Stephen Bury

Panel (No slides)
What’s next for social media platforms, content and pros


Friday, Oct. 4, 2019

(No Slides available)
engagement, productivity and communications
with Microsoft’s modern intranet

Eric Jaffe
Sam Crewdson


(No slides available)
What’s next for social media
platforms, content and pros