Press release takeaways from the tiny-house fad

Regardless of whether the infatuation with downsizing to 200-square-foot domiciles continues, the need for concise writing and optimizing the essentials will endure.

Tiny houses have become quite the craze.

Although downsizing to a few hundred square feet may not work for everyone (my dog and cat would not get along in such close quarters), there are many benefits to miniature dwellings.

When writing a press release, you can learn a lot from these efficient homeowners.

If you’re wondering what press releases and tiny houses have to do with each other, the answer is “simplicity”:

Cut the clutter

The most obvious benefit tiny homes offer is the motivation—make that the necessity—to get rid of excess.

A house with a loft bed over the kitchen doesn’t leave room for extra throw pillows, grandma’s old tuba or even yesterday’s junk mail.

Keeping only the necessities in your house—or press release—frees you up to focus on what really matters.

It may be tempting to jam as much as possible into your release, but cluttered writing leads to jumbled ideas, run-on sentences and lack of clarity.

Eliminate unnecessary information so that readers can connect quickly and easily with your message.

Simplicity ≠ low quality

Although a tiny home is as simple as it gets, it’s important to note that simple does not mean low-quality.

Owners of tiny homes often look at them as investments in their future. In the same way, you have to be willing to dedicate time and resources to your content.

That means reassessing your goals every time you prepare a press release for distribution and investing in the right tools to achieve them. An embedded video or infographic might require more effort, but showing your story with multimedia can be much more straightforward and effective than text-only content.

It’s only when you identify your content’s core purpose that you can understand which investments in content creation and distribution will return the best results.

Customized content always wins

When building a house, there are general layouts that have proven time and time again to serve owners well. However, it’s the small touch here and bit of flair there that make each tiny house the perfect, cozy home.

Although a press release template can be a useful starting point, you must customize your content to achieve its individual goal.

What works best for a personnel announcement may not be the same as what will grab attention when you’re announcing a new product. Each release is different and should be treated as such.

As you plan out a new press release, consider how your headline and formatting should be adjusted and what kind of multimedia or distribution is best suited for your topic.

Then take it a step further: Is what you’re doing better than other press releases about your topic? How can you make yours stand out?

Travel further with earned coverage

Many people who have chosen to downsize did so because it would open doors to other things, such as traveling the world.

Similarly, your message will gain more ground when you focus on aligning your press release with your audience’s needs.

Journalists and customers alike don’t have a lot of time to walk through every press release they encounter. Boost your coverage potential by making your content easy to find, consume and share.

Stephanie Marsh is a customer content specialist based in Cleveland. A version of this article originally appeared on Beyond PR.

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