Priority email: 4 tips to ensure employees read company messaging

As staffers get increasingly bombarded with internal missives, they are less likely to read them all the way through—if they open them at all. This batch of tactics can help.

Avoiding email overload

Employees are subjected to an onslaught of companywide emails—but do they read them?

Probably not.

When employees deal with mass email blasts daily, they get overwhelmed and tune out.

That means your colleagues are ignoring important or even urgent company emails along with the irrelevant ones.

To ensure your emails are seen as a priority, follow these four steps:

1. Cut copy. Keep emails to 100 words or fewer whenever possible. If there are additional details they might need, direct them to your intranet or provide a relevant link. The longer the email, the less likely they are to read the whole thing.  Employees can quickly lose interest and feel they don’t have the time to keep going. Keeping it simple will keep their attention.

2. Organize content. Use bullets and other organizing elements to help employees see and absorb the key points.

3. Get to the point.Employees will scan the email to see what their call to action is. If it’s buried too far down, they will lose interest and miss your imperative. Putting the call to action in the subject line or first sentence will draw interest and keep the email from getting overlooked.

4. Spice it up. Include visuals within your email to draw attention. In an inbox full of text, a picture can grab attention and hint at what the email will be about. Also, once employees start associating corporate emails with a picture, they’ll recognize and read your emails more readily.

A version of this post first ran on the Tribe Good Company blog.

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