Quiz: How many of these colorful terms do you know?

Flex your wordsmith muscles by matching commonly known hues with more descriptive words.

Writers can find inspiration for their prose everywhere.

Lately I’ve been paying close attention to adjectives—particularly words used to describe color. These words are all over the place: clothing catalogs, travel ads and drink menus, to name a few. Though not used heavily in corporate communications, they can come in handy when you want to paint a clear picture in the mind of your reader.

The trick to success is to familiarize yourself with a few of these colorful terms.

How many of these colors can you match with the commonly used hues below? (Answers can be used more than once):









1. Amaranth

2. Amethyst

3. Azure

4. Burgundy

5. Cerise

6. Cerulean

7. Cobalt

8. Crimson

9. Garnet

10. Indigo

11. Magenta

12. Mahogany

13. Mulberry

14. Peridot

15. Plum

16. Saffron

17. Sage

18. Sanguine

19. Tangerine

20. Umber

21. Vermillion

22. Viridian

23. Xanthous

Answers: 1. Red 2. Purple 3. Blue 4. Red 5. Red 6. Blue 7. Blue 8. Red 9. Red 10. Blue (or Purple) 11. Pink 12. Brown 13. Red 14. Green 15. Purple 16. Yellow 17. Green 18. Red 19. Orange 20. Brown 21. Red 22. Green 23. Yellow

How did you do? What additional terms would you add to the list?

A long-time contributor to PR Daily, Laura Hale Brockway is a writer and editor from Austin, Texas. Read more of her work at impertinentremarks.

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