Ragan.com’s top stories of 2016: Nos. 1-10

With 2017 upon us, here are the final entries in our list of the most popular stories on Ragan.com in 2016.

In our last installment of the top stories of 2016, here are the most popular 10.

If you missed them the first time around, here they are:

1. 15 tips for effective employee communication

2. 15 unusual worlds that make writers swoon

3. A quick guide to passive aggressive-workplace communication

4. 6 ways to stop saying ‘uh,’ ‘you know’ and other word fillers

5. What PR salaries look like in 2016

6. 4 times you were rude in an email—and didn’t even know it

7. 13 books all communicators should read

8. 5 skills needed for a job in corporate communications

9. Are you following these 3 clothing rules for public speakers?

10. Real journalists share hilarious PR fails


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