Alex Heath

EVP and Group Head for Business + Social Purpose - Edelman New York

Alex Heath is EVP and Group Head for Business + Social Purpose at Edelman New York. He and his team help devise purposeful business strategy backed by societal action, which includes environmental, social and governance risk counseling, creating communications campaigns and building strategic alliances. Heath has delivered global social impact strategy and sustainability campaigns for multinational organizations and foundations, including Bridgestone, H&M, HP, Johnson & Johnson and the Rockefeller Foundation. Heath volunteered in the Peace Corps, where he worked with government agencies in northeast Thailand engaging youth on health and migration issues. Heath then moved to MTV EXIT, MTV International’s anti-human trafficking behavior-change campaign. There, he built strategic partnerships with NGOs and government agencies working toward addressing the root causes of trafficking. Heath has worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S.; government agencies across Asia and development and multilateral agencies including AusAID, ILO, IOM, UNODC, UNICEF and USAID.