Alexander Hinckley Rose

Associate Manager of Data Analytics - Edwards Lifesciences

Alexander Hinckley Rose is a digital marketer turned decision scientist who helps marketers thoughtfully collect, analyze, and act on client data in ways that personalize messaging and drive consumers to action. Though he currently holds a position as an Associate Manager of Data Analytics in the Digital Transformation organization for Edwards Lifesciences, he has held several roles at the intersection of strategic communications and data analysis. Prior to joining Edwards Lifesciences in late 2020 Rose led advanced analytics in the e-commerce center of excellence at Georgia-Pacific supporting brands like Dixie, Brawny, and Angel Soft. Before that, Rose was a digital strategist at Sculpt, a digital marketing agency in the Midwest, where he led campaign strategy and measurement initiatives for both local and national brands. He aspires to make decision analytics approachable across organizations and leverages programmatic analysis to distill insight from the mountains of data that have come to inundate modern corporations.