Anastasia Titus

Anastasia Titus

Brand Manager, Social Lead - Haleon & Preparation H

Anastasia C. Titus
Associate Brand Manager, Digestive Health | Haleon
Anastasia C. Titus is a brand manager and marketing professional working on the Digestive Health portfolio at Haleon, a world leading consumer healthcare company. Haleon is a publicly traded CPG consumer healthcare company, home of Advil, Sensodyne and TUMS.

At Haleon, Anastasia is instrumental in driving growth across the Digestive Health portfolio, managing household brands like Preparation H, Gas-X, and Alli. In her role, she leads the organic social strategy & oversees the d-Comm strategy and content.

Anastasia is known for her creative bravery and execution at Haleon. On the Preparation H brand team, she spearheaded a successful LGBTQ+ influencer campaign, initiating the organization’s first public discussion on sexual health needs and education by breaking conservative stereotypes and pushing conversational boundaries in healthcare. She collaborates closely with the US insights team, multiple digital agencies, and the US marketing team to translate consumer insights into activation plans and commercial brand strategies, driving brand growth.

Prior to joining Haleon, Anastasia created product positioning for B2B IP management solutions. She holds a BS in Marketing from Rutgers Business School in New Jersey, and actively participated in a global experiential learning program in Tanzania and Zanzibar focused on sustainability efforts in 2019.