Benton Crane

CEO - Harmon Brothers

Benton Crane​ is CEO of Harmon Brothers, a Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the most viral ads in internet history. Since 2013, the agency has collectively driven more than 1 billion views and more than $300 million in sales through its groundbreaking social media spots on YouTube, Facebook and more. In 2011, Crane was hired by Deloitte in Washington, D.C., where he served as a consultant with various clients across the national intelligence community. In 2013, Crane joined the newly formed Harmon Brothers for a campaign to promote Poo~Pourri, including an internet ad that transformed the way products are marketed. Harmon Brothers have produced other top viral ads for organizations including ​Squatty Potty, FiberFix, OraBrush, Poo~Pourri ​and ​Purple​, and recently published a video for ​Chatbooks​. Crane has managed the agency’s growth from its infancy to one of the most sought-after ad agencies in the world.