Bridgette Cameron

Associate Director of Communications - ITHAKA

Bridgette Cameron is the Associate Director of Communications for ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to improve access to education and knowledge.  Her focus is on internal communications and employee engagement, with the goal of creating alignment across diverse teams to achieve organizational objectives and bringing colleagues together through their work to learn and grow.  As editor of the organization’s bi-weekly newsletter and website, and manager of internal events, Bridgette is constantly curating the best content, from blog posts to videos to presentations.  Bridgette loves to experiment with new approaches; she uses data and metrics to drive improvements, and is a strategic problem-solver, always looking for ways to communicate on a non-profit budget.  “Doing more with less” is her mantra!  Bridgette enjoys working for a mission-based organization committed to leveling the playing field in higher education where she has the opportunity to convey the importance of the work that her organization does and to celebrate the role that every individual plays in having a positive impact on the people’s lives.