Dominic Parero

Executive Director of Strategic Marketing - UCLA Health

Dominic Parero is a strategic marketing leader of multi-disciplinary internal and external teams. In his current role as Executive Director of Strategic Marketing at UCLA Health, Parero is responsible for alignment and prioritization of marketing objectives to the business and market development goals of the academic health system. He also leads UCLA Health’s efforts to competitively differentiate, build market awareness, preference, volume and revenue using a precision marketing framework to deliver strong return on investment. Prior to joining UCLA Health, Parero was the Director of Marketing Communications at Stanford Health Care, and championed marketing transformation through an integrated strategic plan that included developing a growth marketing infrastructure. He also previously owned a health care marketing firm with clients including Kaiser Permanente, Intuitive Surgical and Dexcom. Parero is a native of Los Angeles and is a lifelong Laker and Dodger fan. During COVID-19, he lives and works remotely from Mountain View, California with his wife, mother-in-law and rambunctious 3-year old Doberman.