Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Author, Negotiation Expert, Professor of Practice - Columbia University

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida is a Professor and Program Director of the Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program at Columbia University. She is also Co-Chair of the Advanced Consortium for Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4/Climate School) and Director of the Youth, Peace and Society Project at the Earth Institute/Climate School at Columbia University.

She is the author of the book New Story, New Power: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiation. Her research areas are women and negotiation, organizational conflict, and youth leadership.

A certified clinical sociologist, Dr. Fisher-Yoshida helps clients strengthen their core negotiation and communication skills and effectiveness and resolve conflicts. As President and CEO of Fisher Yoshida International, a consulting firm, her clients have included global organizations in the Fortune 100, private sector, nonprofit and government sectors, military and security forces and academic institutions. She was a Training Manager with McKinsey & Company, Japan, a management-consulting firm that focuses on top leadership and management on strategy.

At the Ragan Women’s Retreat, Beth will share strategies and insights on negotiation, handling difficult conversations and women and leadership.