Kim Clark

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant - Ragan Consulting Group

Kim Clark is a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant for Ragan Consulting Group. She has long focused on teaching, storytelling, messaging, audiences, and how culture and communications shape people's experience of themselves and the world. Kim's career spans an array of fields, including radio, documentary filmmaking, media agencies, partnerships with Discovery Channel, and has been a lecturer at a University for 20+ years since earning an M.A. She led employee communication teams and strategies at PayPal, GoDaddy, and GitHub.

All the while, she's been an advocate and educator for diversity, equity, and inclusion across the business, within teams, and throughout the employee experience. For the last few years, she has focused her consulting on DE&I communications and DE&I strategy. Kim partners with Ragan Communications and Employera, a talent innovation firm.

She has studied with the precedent-setting diversity trainer, Deborah L. Johnson, for 16+ years. Kim is on a nonprofit Board specializing in equine therapy for folks with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities, including her son.