Letty Cherry

General Manager of Employee, Social and Reputations Communications - Microsoft

Letty leads the Global Employee Communications, Brand Social and Reputation Management teams for Microsoft with a strong focus on helping to evolve the culture of the company. She is known for her teamwork, collaboration and strategic thinking.  In her 14 years at Microsoft, Letty has led a number of Communications teams, locally and globally, focusing on AI, Quantum Computing, Xbox, Microsoft Research, Advertising and more. Prior to Microsoft, Letty was Vice President of Television and Marketing for Bodog, a high-growth entertainment and technology company. She has also worked in Marketing and Communications for companies in the tech, airline and publishing sectors such as Kodak, Creo, Air Canada and Now Public.  Letty was born in Calgary, Canada. She has 12 year old identical twin daughters and lives in Kirkland, Washington. Her motto is, “If you can’t laugh, what’s the point?”