Mary Beth Levin

Manager of Social Media Strategy and Analytics - United States Postal Service

Mary Beth Levin is the manager of social media strategy and analytics for the United States Postal Service (USPS), part of the digital communications team at USPS. The role of the Social Business Intelligence program at the USPS is to take a 360-degree view on brand protection, crisis mitigation, and an enhanced customer experience. Her Social Business Intelligence team takes quantitative and qualitative data from traditional and social media and translates it into an accessible and compelling narrative to drive agile and informed decision making at the executive level. This includes launching innovative tools to increase the capacity of the program beyond off-the-shelf software, including an interactive heatmap which identifies customer concerns down to the five-digit zip code. Since its inception in October 2017, the multi-award-winning program has been featured by, PR News and the Social Intelligence Lab. Levin has been a featured speaker at national webinars and conferences and has been honored among the Social Intelligence Insider 50.