Melinda Morrison

Melinda Morrison

Creative Director/ Executive producer - Microsoft

How does someone grow up in Seattle in the 1980s and miss the tech boom? Ask Melinda Morrison. She managed to do just that until 2016 when an invitation to work with Harry Shum, Executive Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Research at Microsoft landed in her inbox. Melinda leapt at the chance and started her second career which she describes as a “scientific journalist.” Today she works on the communication team for Kevin Scott, EVP of AI, and CTO of Microsoft.

In the 8 years she has been at Microsoft, Melinda and her small team created and built an editorial strategy to showcase complicated and cutting-edge tech. Her most recent work tells the emerging story of generative artificial Intelligence. Her expertise is developing a variety of storytelling approaches including producing live demos, executive coaching, video creation and podcast producing.  She is an expert at finding authentic brand stories for a variety of digital channels.

She co-produces, Behind the Tech a podcast whose guests are pretty much a who’s who in technology. Two of her videos, Microsoft Cloud Turning Insects into Big Data, and Microsoft + The Snow Leopard Trust were recreated into multi-million dollar ad campaigns. One ran in the Super Bowl. She manages a small four-person video team and a creative agency for events. Together, they produce videos that are shown around the world.

And now for the reason Melinda missed the tech boom in Seattle. For 16 years Melinda worked as a senior producer/director for the Oprah Winfrey Show. During her tenure, she originated, produced, and managed segments and shows. As a producer, she orchestrated and directed field shoots throughout the U.S. and globally. She has written and edited thousands of stories for the show with the goal of opening people's hearts and minds.

Video Work:

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