Michelle Morris

Head of corporate communications - Morley Companies

Michelle Morris is head of corporate communications for Morley Companies, a privately-held corporation whose diverse businesses range from planning global meetings, designing and building museum exhibits and trade show displays to running call centers. Morris focuses on communications as a strategic business tool to persuade and motivate people to align with the long-term business objectives and vision of the organization’s leader, affecting reputation and culture. She began her career in the political world at the White House, ran for office, worked presidential and statewide campaigns, then moved to the private sector, where she has worked for a wide range of Fortune 500 organizations including financial services, technology, health care, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy firms. Morris also wrote the book, “The Power Within: Internal Communications, an Executive’s Edge in Business Strategy.” Her specialty is strategic leadership communications, which she argues is the foundation on which the voice of the employee confidently emerges.