Rob Flaherty

Chairman - Ketchum

Rob Flaherty is Chairman of Ketchum, the global public relations firm with 130 offices and affiliates worldwide. He serves on the agency's Worldwide Executive Committee and is responsible for the agency's Global Research Network. As a client counselor, his areas of specialization are corporate positioning and issues management. He frequently leads collaborative sessions with company executives designed to arrive at overall positioning, "message architecture" and competitive de-positioning strategy. He also has helped companies prepare for and respond to challenging situations ranging from product liability and airline accidents to data security and anti-trust litigation. He led the team that provided crisis management and global media relations support for the 2006 G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is on the board of the Institute for Public Relations and serves on the Agency Management Committee of the Council of Public Relations Firms. He's an accredited PRSA member and is also on the board of the Economic Crime Institute.