Reader challenge: Creative ways to inject culture during quarantine

What are innovative ways to foster company culture for remote, isolated employees? We want to hear from you.

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There’s more to work than, well work when you go to a physical office.

In-office banter, hanging out in the lunchroom, or swinging by a co-worker’s cube for a literal pat on the back has all gone away. But the need to foster company culture hasn’t gone anywhere.

You could argue that it’s more critical, particularly for those who typically work in an office and are now working remotely from home.

How are you continuing to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays? Or marking TGIF? What are you doing to put a smile on employee faces?

I want to hear all the creative ways you’re reaching your workforce. Maybe you’ve created a workout challenge or a Friday virtual happy hour.

Comment below or email me at

We could all use a little levity in our day, so share your ideas and I’ll post them on our websites. Let’s call it our collective industry brainstorm.


4 Responses to “Reader challenge: Creative ways to inject culture during quarantine”

    Melinda Walker says:

    We did a virtual step challenge — everyone had to do 140,000 steps in two weeks, for our in-house celebrity (he hosts our internal video series) to donate $10 in their name to charity. Participants had to post “proof” on our intranet, and our CEO agreed to match the donation if our celebrity hit 250,000 steps in a three-week period. We’ve never had more engagement on our intranet, and from all corners of the company.

    Rhonda Sloan says:

    We started a WFH newsletter. Our first call to action was asking employees to submit songs for a custom WFH playlist. We received great response and have created the playlist to share on several platforms.

    Carina Bates says:

    Our team has created a Weekly Wrap Up e-newsletter that features:
    – updates on how our division is responding to COVID-19
    – mental health resources
    – sources of good news online
    – virtual activities people can participate in, such as virtual museum tours, concerts, etc
    – a musical moment related to where our country is in response to COVID-19

    We also have a virtual coffee catch up daily and a virtual Friday night cocktails.

    Patty Pergl says:

    We ran a campaign for employees to offer up their favorite Movies, TV programs and Games. Those who submitted classified each submission as adult vs family friendly. Next one will be about great books!

    Additionally we are encouraging our teams to share pics of their WFH space or what they may be doing during the Quarantine.

    Lastly- how about virtual Happy Hour? Bring your own beverage after work and get connected to chat and connect Daily Headlines

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