Reader challenge: Show us your home office

Communicators, what does your work-from-home set up look like? We want to see!

Working from home on a couch with a laptop and dog

There’s not one person that COVID-19 hasn’t affected in some way, big or small.

One life disruption, for many, has been the need to work from home. For some, it wasn’t a big change. You’ve done it before and are used to it. But for many, it’s been quite the adjustment. Your routine has been turned upside down.

Are your pets fighting for your attention? Sharing a space with your significant other? Who gets the comfy chair?

We want to see you! Send us photos of your office—is it the couch in your slippers with your dog by your side? Or a proper desk? Your porch lounger, perhaps?

You might be looking for inspiration on how and where to carve out a work space, or just want a laugh.

We’ll share all the photos we get on social media and on our websites. Email me at or post them to social media using the hashtag #RaganWFH

If nothing else, maybe it will put a smile on your face and give you a chuckle. A little of that goes a long way these days.

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